We specialize in skin and hair diseases and offer
our patients best medical services in comfort

Wether it is Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitism
or Androgenetic alopecia or Alopecia areata we will do our
best to help you implementing best world practice in evidence
based medicine principles. We also make Hair Restoration.


Below you can read more about
us and our principles.

You can also browse our website with automatic translation, but in case you will have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

About us


The Kuzma Khobzei Clinic is the epitome of my dream and the realization of the vision of what a compact, highly specialized dermatological clinic should be.

For more than 10 years of daily work in this specialty, visiting the best foreign and domestic dermatological clinics, constant training and learning, numerous scientific and practical meetings, I gradually formed the prototype of such a clinic.

And when this image became so clear that it could be imagined in the smallest detail, I have decided to implement it.


At the same time, in my understanding,
certain principles of conducting "proper"
medical practice, which underpinned the
design and operation of the clinic, were
clearly crystallized.

These principles are also what unites us with colleagues —
each of whom is an expert in his field, but our values
and vision are shard.


When it comes to skin, "beauty" and "health"
are often synonymous

Our goal is to help people become healthier, more beautiful,
more confident. And to do it in the most natural, safe and
comfortable way, without panic and stress.


The Kuzma Hobzei Clinic

is the kind of clinic that we would like to go to for help and would recommend to our dearest and closest one’s.

Our principles



We apply only the world's best approach in the diagnosis
and treatment of skin and hair disorders. Only proven
methodologies, international protocols and clinical
guidelines that have been tested over time and supported
by numerous clinical trials.

We use the same techniques that are used in the best
clinics in the world.



In our opinion, medical procedures should be understandable for our patients. Therefore, we discuss all appointments with the patient. We explain in detail the nature of the methods, their effect on the body and the expected results. Most medical problems have several ways of solving them. Our task in a particular situation is to select the optimal treatment process for the particular patient. We will continually review the results we have obtained and, if necessary, adjust our future actions for achieving best possible results.



We strongly believe that the problem can only be solved
in a patient-doctor tandem. That is why we actively
educate patients and involve them in the treatment process.
It's no secret that knowing the nature of the problem,
and factors that cause disease exacerbation, it is possible
to fight it more effectively, keep chronic diseases in
remission and prevent their flares.



We care about the safety of our patients. For all manipulations we use sterile or disposable tools and materials. We monitor the cleanliness and surface treatment with safe antiseptic agents. We have a modern ventilation, air purification and decontamination system for maximum safety.



We understand our patients because we are
patients ourselves. Therefore, we are convinced
that a visit to the clinic can be comfortable.
And we do our best for it to be. We apply local
anesthesia for all procedures that can be painful.
Procedures that are impossible to anesthetize, we
carry out as quickly as possible. We want patients
not only to effectively solve their problems with
us, but that their stay in our clinic will be with
minimal stress.

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Opening hours

Mo-Fri.: 09:00 - 19:00
Sa.: 10:00 - 15:00


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